Set Your Roof Apart With Designer Prints by Green Knight Metal Roofing

We look forward to helping you! The roof is one of the most underrated and underappreciated aspects of a home’s exterior, but it is one of the most noticeable. If your roof looks good, the chances are that your whole house looks good; sadly, the reverse is also applicable. Luckily, our metal roofing experts in Travis County, TX, can install a metal roof with a wide range of paint treatments for every aesthetic preference, from standard colors and matte finishes to designer paint finishes. 


Green Knight Metal Roofing offers high-quality paint options for every metal roof we install, but our favorite finishes are our designer ones. Solid-color roofs are excellent, but, if you want to give your home some texture and personality, then designer paint finishes can do the job. 

We have many finish designs available, including:

  • Rust (Speckled, Streaked, Black Copper, etc.)
  • Patina (Gray, Copper, etc.)
  • Weathered Gray (Zinc, Patina, Black Ore, etc.)

These designer paint finishes will give realistic color and texture to your roof without you having to wait for signs of natural weathering to show. If you are skeptical about rusting out your roof before its time, don’t worry – our roofs are made from the best metals, always installed new, and would only have a specialty paint finish that mimics rust and other indications of weathering for a more rustic and lived-in feel. 


Our roof installations are always new and manufactured with energy-efficiency, aesthetic-appeal, and long-lasting materials. And that includes our designer paint finishes! Check out the video below for more information on our finishing process and benefits.

As you can see, Green Knight finishes complement our high-quality installations of metal roofing in and around Williamson County, TX. Are you unsure about which metal roof is ideal for your Texas home and community? What about colors and textures? Remember: a home is not a home without a (good-looking) roof over your head! Contact our metal roofing experts to discuss your roofing and designer print options today.