Metal Roofing System

metal roofing system austin txHow your metal roofing system is set up in Austin, (and surrounding areas in Central Texas) matters. With Green Knight ® Metal Roofing, however, that is not something you have to worry about. With both high strength and low weight, your metal roofing system will stay perfectly intact throughout the life of your building or home in:

  • Bastrop County, TX
  • Comal County, TX
  • Guadalupe County, TX
  • Hays County, TX
  • Williamson County, TX

and the surrounding areas which we serve.

We pride ourselves on our snap lock standing seam roofing as well as our other metal roofing systems that are customized to your building or home’s needs. Every roof is different, which warrants a hand-crafted and unique approach for every single one. We will have you covered (literally) with our energy-efficient, durable and beautiful roofing systems.

Snap Lock Standing Seam  

In Central Texas, it is essential to have a roof that is well put together in order to combat the temperamental rain, wind and hail. That is why we use the economical snap lock standing seam. This system is used to ensure that your roof’s structure is both strong and versatile.

Snap locked panels use a screw hem much like those used with aluminum or vinyl siding, which permits both  expansion and contraction. Typically, this would only be achieved with otherwise more expensive clips, racking up the cost of the roof. However, our snap lock standing seams are a cost-effective solution.

Double Locked Hemmed Seam

The double locked hemmed seam system has been used throughout Central Texas. This metal roofing system takes a standing seam panel and locks it with double mechanical seaming. This quality allows for the standing seam to be installed all the way down to 1/12 pitch. Lower yet, with a sealant and floating stainless steel clips, the double locked hemmed seam can even go to a pitch of ¼:12.

The choice of a double hemmed seam will give you a metal roof that is the most watertight any standing seam roof can be.

At Green Knight ® Metal Roofing, serving Bastrop County, Comal County, Guadalupe County, Hays County, Williamson County, TX, and other nearby areas, we offer only the strongest and most innovative metal roofing systems. Be assured that our metal roofing system will give support to your roof through the lifespan of your building or home. Call us today at 512-253-4957!