Metal Roof Repair Company Near Austin, TX

Sun. Rain. Wind. Hail. Snow.

Metal roofs are created to withstand all types of inclement weather. Then, why would homeowners ever need a metal roof repair?

Although they’re the most durable option in roofing materials, metal roofs can suffer damages under certain conditions, such as the ones highlighted down below. We recommend all homeowners in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas call Green Knight® for high-quality and affordable metal roofing services and repairs as soon as possible if they notice something wrong with their roof!

Our expert contractors have the training and experience to repair all types of metal roofs, from aluminum to steel to tin and more. You know your home is in safe hands when you choose Green Knight® for all your metal roof repair needs.

We serve many areas in and around Travis County, including Hays County, Williamson County, Bastrop County, Comal County, Guadalupe County, and more. Contact us today to schedule your next metal roof repair.

Common Reasons for Metal Roof Repairs

Wind or Storm Damage

In Texas, it is not uncommon for strong winds to push over trees or telephone poles. Even a perfectly installed metal roof cannot withstand this scenario. Storm damage to your metal roof may cause immediate intrusion of water and would most likely be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

But don’t wait to call your insurance company! Green Knight® can get the situation under control by using tarps or other temporary waterproofing measures so that the potential for excessive water damage or rust is mitigated. We can then work with your insurance company to perform the necessary repairs.

Other Trades

Sometimes, other work done to your house has to be performed on the roof. While working, the tradesperson may not realize they have created an issue with the beautiful new metal roof. For example, a homeowner decides they want to install a satellite dish. The satellite company screws a hole straight through the metal roof, causing leaks all around the satellite dish installation.

In addition to potentially causing water damage, any penetration made after the installation also has the potential to void the workmanship warranty or the manufacturer’s warranty.

Improper Installation

There’s an expression with regards to wine that says, “All champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is champagne.” Well, when it comes to metal roofing, “All metal roofers are roofers, but not all roofers are metal roofers.” It doesn’t quite flow as well, but you get the point!

Metal roofing is a skilled trade, requiring years of training and on-the-job experience. You can’t just hire a roofing generalist and expect a high-quality metal roofing installation. In fact, the number one reason we are called out on repairs is to fix leaks or holes due to poor installations by other generalist roofers or “low-bidders.”

Our team of metal specialists does nothing but metal roofing all day, every day, and there is no one more suited to make those needed repairs because of a poor installation. Here are just a couple of photos of some installation errors we’ve been called out to fix:

A wise man once said, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Aluminum Roof Repair

Effortlessly combining beauty and durability into one, aluminum roofs are a great investment for Austin homeowners who want to protect themselves from the crazy local weather conditions while boosting their home’s curb appeal and value.

As one of the leading metal roof installation and repair companies in the local area, Green Knight® is committed to providing you with superior repairs and first-rate customer service. Just ask any homeowners in Hays County, Guadalupe County, Williamson County, and the surrounding areas who have worked with us before. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Guaranteed!

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Green Knight® has experience working with all types of metal roofing systems, from tin to aluminum to steel. Whether you have a corrugated or flat metal roof, our team of expert contractors knows exactly what is needed to perform repairs quickly yet effectively. Most importantly, we offer metal roof repairs at a fair price because we believe you should never have to choose between the roof over your head and your budget.

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