So, you need a new roof in Austin, TX and you are tired of constantly replacing asphalt shingles every few years.  But you’ve always heard that a new metal roof is more expensive than shingles.  Well, the Green Knight has some great news for you!

While the majority of our work is Custom Residential Metal Roofing, for certain roof-types in Travis County, TX, Green Knight Metal Roofing has honed our material purchasing and our installation system so that we can offer a Quality Metal Roof for roughly the same price as what you would pay for a high-end asphalt shingle roof.


How can we do this, yet still provide a high-quality metal roof?

The bulk of the cost in a metal roof is derived from two major factors; roof complexity, which can drive up installation costs, and material costs.

“Roof complexity” refers to the number of facets (planes) your roof has, the pitch or slope of the roof, the size of the roof and whether your home has one, two or even three stories.  By only installing on simple roofs, we can dramatically reduce our installation labor costs.

“Material costs” primarily refers to the metal that is being used on your home.  Our Quality Metal Roofing program uses extremely durable steel with excellent energy-efficiency qualities and that is quite beautiful.  Additionally, by limiting color choices, we can buy our material in bulk, thus saving more in material costs.

Our colored panel options are all Kynar 500 coated, which promotes strength, durability and energy-efficiency, while also being absolutely beautiful!


What characteristics must my home possess in order to qualify for this program?

In order to be a candidate for this program, your home/roof must meet the following criteria:

  • Single Story
  • 6 or fewer roof facets (planes)
  • Pitch (steepness) between 3:12 and 6:12 (Example: a pitch of “3:12” indicates that for every 12” of run, the roof rises 3”
  • No panel runs longer than 25’ (eave to ridge)
  • No major wood repair or replacement needed (IE: new decking)
  • Installation of metal roofing materials over existing shingles
  • Located no more than a 30 minute drive from South Austin. This would include Travis County and Hays County


Here is a before and after photo of a home that would meet these criteria.




What Color Choices are available?

For this program, we have chosen our four most popular colors.  This allows us to buy material in bulk, thus passing along the savings to our clients.  Here are your Green Knight Quality Metal Roofing colors:

  • Galvalume
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Medium Bronze
  • Matte Black

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to install a beautiful, durable, Standing Seam Metal Roof today!!

To learn more, fill in the contact form below and we will reach out soon so we can learn more about your home and determine whether it will qualify for our Quality Metal Roofing Program.

End the cycle of constantly replacing asphalt shingles and Armor Your Castle with the Green Knight!