Making the Switch to an Energy-Efficient Metal Roof

Green Knight workers installing metal roof

As homeowners reevaluate their homes and make changes to increase energy efficiency, one major component of a house is often overlooked: the roof. Roofs make a considerable difference in the amount of energy consumed. 

One of the most efficient designs to help a homeowner save money is the metal roof. Long known for their unparalleled durability, metal roofs are also very energy-efficient compared to other roofing materials. Green Knight® Metal Roofing has set the standard for an energy-efficient, long-term solution for both residential and light commercial roofing by being one of the leading metal roofing companies in Austin, TX.

Here we will discuss some of the ways metal roofing can help you save energy and save money:

Superior Reflectivity

The key aspect that makes metal roofs a superior option when it comes to energy efficiency is reflectivity. Metal’s ability to reflect harmful UV rays makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce energy consumption. It is not uncommon for an optimized metal roof to reflect up to 90% of the UV and infrared light emitted from the sun. This makes a huge difference in a homeowner’s ability to control the internal temperature of the home, saving energy and money by reducing reliance on the HVAC system.

Additional Coating Benefits

Even though an untreated metal roof is far superior to asphalt or slate roofs when it comes to energy efficiency, you can improve a metal roof’s reflectivity by coating it with a finish. 

Some coatings, like Kynar®, also protect a roof from harmful elements that weather and degrade the metal over time. Kynar combines superior thermal conductivity with corrosion resistance and is, thus, an excellent option for any homeowner looking to increase the longevity of their roof and decrease overall energy consumption.

Excellent Solar Compatibility

Finally, metal roofing makes an excellent option for those interested in adding solar panels to their home. Asphalt roofs degrade much faster than metal ones and will, therefore, require a roof replacement much sooner than a metal roof. This can be very expensive when solar panels are installed on the home. A metal roof, by comparison, provides superior longevity and low maintenance, making it ideal for solar installations.

Solar also increases the energy efficiency of a home. By capturing sunlight and converting it into energy, homeowners can create green energy and save money!

Your Green Knight® in Shining Armor

Green Knight® Metal Roofing is your source for high-quality installations for residential and commercial roofing in Austin, TX. For over a decade, Green Knight® Metal Roofing has proudly served our community by providing energy-efficient and durable roofing solutions. For more information, contact us today!