Why Asphalt Roofs Fail

Modern Asphalt shingles have been shown to display signs of deterioration far before their warranty is up.   In fact, industry expectations are that a modern asphalt roof will last no more than 10 – 15 years.

Asphalt shingles have been known to curl, bend, cup, shed and leak water after just one year of being installed. The decreasing quality and efficiency of asphalt shingles is caused by a few factors:

Less Asphalt

In the 1980’s, asphalt shingles contained approximately 80% oil.  The amount of actual asphalt in modern asphalt shingles is at an all-time low. Modern asphalt shingles contain an average of only 30% asphalt. A smaller amount of asphalt means that the shingles are lower quality. This lack of asphalt causes the shingles to crack, bend and break.

Mixed Asphalt

Other materials that make up modern asphalt shingles include sand, limestone and other non-asphalt granules. It is all mixed together without separate binders, which ultimately results in asphalt shingles leaking. The limestone content is also what causes modern asphalt shingles to mold.  If you see streaks of mold on a modern asphalt roof, this could indicate that the oil content is dried up and the shingle is near the end of its life.

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