Eye in the Sky: How Drones Are Changing the Way We Work

Drone flying above residential metal roof.

As the business sector leaps forward into the 21st Century, new tools and technologies are enabling roofing companies to increase productivity and tackle jobs in a whole new way. One of these technologies is drones. Unmanned autonomous vehicles have now become the standard for those looking to expand their horizons and improve daily operations.

The ability to easily survey an area where work is being done to build or repair a roof has become a crucial part of the roofing business. Not only do drones simplify the process of supervising a job site during work, but they also provide an added element of safety, being able to quickly spot trouble areas where workers may find themselves at risk.

Green Knight® Metal Roofing is one such pioneer in the roofing industry. We use drones to improve productivity and provide critical information as to the progress of roofing jobs. Being able to survey a project before, during, and after construction is vital to assessing multiple aspects of our work.

We were recently featured in Metal Construction News for our innovative approach to assessing the scope of work by using drones. You can read the article here and learn more below. 

Project Assessment

When a customer contacts our company for a custom or commercial roofing job, our team may rely on drones to get an accurate idea of the workload ahead. This gives both Green Knight® and our customer a better understanding of what needs to be done, which, in turn, reduces the chances of mispricing a job and underestimating or overestimating the time required.

Progress at the job site can also be thoroughly evaluated during the construction or repair process to better understand completion time frames and work performance. Drones are also useful in aiding customers with insurance claims.

A Marketing Opportunity

For us, recording videos from a vantage point over the work is an essential marketing tool for our business. Using the drone to take pictures and videos of a job site before and after the work has been performed is a great way to increase public awareness of our company’s capabilities and skills as a metal roofing business. 

Not only can these assets be used in marketing to a group of potential customers, but we can also pull a specific example of a past job to show to a customer who is considering a similar request. This assists the customer in being able to visualize the work prior to commitment and reduces the likelihood of miscommunication between our metal roofing specialists and the client.

Making the Most of a New Tool

When you buy a new drill, you want to make the most of this new equipment and put it to use right away. Using a drone is the same thing, and perfecting the use of a drone for our business is essential to using this new tool to the best of its ability. Drones are here to stay, and now it’s our metal roofing company’s job to make the most of this incredible technology.

Green Knight® Metal Roofing has set the standard for the roofing industry. By using experience and knowledgeable specialists, high-quality materials, and the latest technological trends, our team is paving the way for an efficient and effective future in metal roofing.