Eye in the Sky: How Drones Are Changing the Way We Work

Drone flying above residential metal roof.

As the business sector leaps forward into the 21st Century, new tools and technologies are enabling roofing companies to increase productivity and tackle jobs in a whole new way. One of these technologies is drones. Unmanned autonomous vehicles have now become the standard for those looking to expand their horizons and improve daily operations.

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A Hail Storm Just Blew Through Our Area

While hail storms are fairly common in Central Texas, what is not uncommon is the amount of roofing contractors circling in to take advantage of the situation. Commonly called “Storm Chasers,” they come in from out-of-state to knock on doors in the affected areas and attempt to sell homeowners on using their services to get […]

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Green Knight® Metal Roofing Recognized As Metal Roofing System Industry Leader

In order to provide sustainable, beautiful, weatherproof roofs throughout Central Texas, we at Green Knight® Metal Roofing have been able to provide a competitive pricing model with our high-quality metal roofing system. What’s more, our company continues to thrive on the opportunity to provide a more energy-efficient option to homes and businesses throughout the local […]

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How to Recognize Hail Damage On a Roof

Throughout the country, each area is prone to certain natural disasters or storms. In Travis County, Texas, hailstorms pose the biggest threat to the roofs of many homes. In fact, hail can be responsible for significant damage to a rooftop if unprepared for the weather. Luckily, there are great solutions for this in the area.

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