The Arena of the Shingled and the Seamed

Hey, you Lone Star home owner. We, the Green Knight Metal Roofing specialists of Central Texas, are here to guide you through the trial of comparing steel shingled and standing seam roofing. With our ten years of experience in the field, we’ve seen and installed it all.

To begin, we’ll compare our two contenders, roofing to roofing:

The Standing Seam

  • The warranty on the paint finish lasts between 30 to 40 years, varying with manufacturer.
  • Boasting a wind uplift rating of 90 MPH, it can protect against all but the strongest of storms.
  • Once roofing has been planned out, snap lock standing seam panels are assembled on-site.
  • As far as the installation process goes, standing seam is incredibly efficient, minimizing time and labor.
  • Pragmatic as they may be, standing seam panels bear the “industrial” stigma more than other roofing. Many Homeowner’s Associations oppose them for this reason.
  • Like a proper armor, they are classified at UL 2218 Class IV impact resistant—invincible to hail the size of golf balls.

The Steel Shingle

Owners of classic colonials, brick houses, or more high-end constructions, tend to side with the steel shingle. Steel shingles are a beauty to behold on a rooftop.

  • Like standing seam, most manufacturers include a 30-40 year warranty on the steel shingle paint finish.
  • Because of their 4-side interlock, steel shingles can withstand up to a titan of 120 mph winds.
  • Because of how mighty steel shingles are, most manufacturers warranty up for life, telling you how much they trust them. Green Knight Metal Roofing certainly does. If a property is sold, the warranty may then be limited to 40 years.
  • The glinting beauties that they are, steel shingles seduce any HOA with its sleek and high-end allure, offered in a plethora of beautiful colors.
  • Albeit beautiful, all that durability and luster does require more designing and labor to install it perfectly. Though their costs may be higher, we’d say they’re easily worth their ROI.
  • Like standing seam, steel shingles are designed for absorbing impact from the most fearsome darts of Mother Nature with its UL 2218 Class IV resistance rating.


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