Are You Prepared for Hail Season?

Spring is off to a strange start here in Central Texas and all over the country. However, while the coronavirus outbreak has forced us all to change our daily routines, modify our hygiene habits, and avoid our usual social interactions, there’s one thing residents of Travis County and the surrounding region can count on to stay the same: the arrival of hail season.

Mother Nature doesn’t pay attention to pandemics!

Here at Green Knight Metal Roofing, leading residential metal roofing experts in Austin, TX, we know you have a lot on your plate right now. Nevertheless, it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of hailstorms, so you can avoid the additional hassles and headaches that come with hail damage. 

We’ve seen firsthand the toll that hail season can take on homes throughout our area. The following infographic outlines some common examples of what hail can do to a standard asphalt shingle roof.

Avoiding all of the above is easy when you have a sturdy metal roof installed by experienced specialists. Not only can a metal roof withstand Mother Nature’s wrath far better than asphalt shingles — without having to be repaired or replaced every few years — it can prevent energy loss, thereby saving you money on heating and cooling bills. With so many eye-catching colors and styles available, a metal roof also adds immeasurable curb appeal to your home. 

While you’re considering the benefits of a roofing upgrade, here are a few other simple ways you can prepare your home for hail season.

  • Have your roof inspected, and any existing problems repaired, so you’re not leaving yourself open to further damage if a hailstorm hits.  
  • Clear all gutters and downspouts to ensure a well-functioning drainage system for your roof.
  • Trim vegetation on your property, especially overgrown trees whose branches could break off in a storm and damage your home.
  • Make sure your yard is free of loose debris, waste, and loose lawn decorations that could become airborne in high winds.

Green Knight Metal Roofing has been helping area homeowners protect their homes from the ravages of hail season for more than a decade. Now, thanks to Green Knight’s Quality Metal Roofing program, some homeowners in Central Texas may even be able to have a brand new metal roof installed for the same price as asphalt shingles. Additionally, from now through May 31, all residential reroofing customers can take advantage of our Springtime Promotion and finance a new metal roof with zero payments for 90 days. 

For more information about our discount metal roofing options or to request a free quote on a new, highly durable metal roofing system, contact our team today.