The American vs The Australian & New Zealand Metal Roofing Market

Though your thoughts may not be wandering as far as the Outback, we here at Green Knight Metal Roofing have found ourselves exploring the Australian and New Zealand metal markets these days. Why? Because, since the 1880s, corrugated metal roofing has been adorning and reflecting heat off of Australian homes and business buildings. As your metal roofing experts in Williamson County, TX and the surrounding areas, we want to harness all the knowledge and the wisdom at our fingertips.

Why did Australia Adopt Metal Roofing?

Australians and Texans, separated though they may be by geography and nationality, do in fact have quite a bit to talk about. Like Texans, Australians find themselves enduring a harsh and hot climate all year round. At the turn of the 20th century, they, and New Zealanders chose to be as smart, and as efficient as they could be when it came to their homes and roofing.

Metal Market Share in the U.S.

According to a study conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics, courtesy of our friends at The Metal Roofing Alliance (a non-profit consortium), the U.S. metal roofing market now reigns above 11%, as of 2015. The most exciting news: that percentage rose a whole 3 percentage points in a year.

When you dig down into the numbers, almost 85% of the roofing market in the United States is entirely re-roofing. Since 2005, we’ve steadily but surely seen metal roofing enter this arena, for all the reasons that we’ve passionately expressed in the past.

Metal Market Share in Australia

When we glance back over at Australia, we see metal roofing is estimated to encompass more than 55% to 75% of all residential housing (depending on region) and over 90% of commercial or industrial roofing. Despite Australia’s history of clay and concrete roofing, metal overtook the market, becoming the default—even endorsed by the government in areas prone to bushfires.

What’s the Difference Between the U.S. and Australia?
If you ask your local metal roofing contractors in Comal County, TX, we’ll tell it to you simply: it’s about education and training. We already know the merits of metal roofing over more traditional materials. As a state and a nation, we have to educate homeowners, businesses, governments, and contractors on the costs and savings of steel


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