All the Amazing and Reflecting Benefits of Kynar 500®

Though you may not think about it as much as our Green Knight Metal Roofing experts do, there’s an entire science and culture to the art of metal-coating. In fact, quite a few people take pride in their metal architecture and the paint that protects it against the annual pains of weather, aging, and pollution. Whether you’re looking at homes, factories, institutions or business buildings you may, in fact, be appreciating the beauty of High-Performance Kynar paints.

What’s the Big Deal About Coatings?

These days, you find metal being utilized in construction around the world. Its ubiquity may owe to the fact that metal is rugged, versatile, and beautiful. Astounding as it may be, metal isn’t always as tough on the outside as you’d think, nor does it come in many shades, colors and finishes like other materials, e.g., wood.

In order to maximize our usage of metal, we apply a resin coating to it, preserving its sheen and functionality for years to come. If you ask an architect who knows the industry best, he or she will tell you, there’s no resin coating like Kynar 500® PVDF.

Kynar’s Sustainability and Capability

With enough exposure to the sun, rain, and other pesky elements, most coatings will break down. Unlike the rest, Kynar resists it all, chemically. The resins within Kynar coatings resist the damage that’s normally done by ultraviolet radiation. Coupled with durable colors and pigments, Kynar coatings bring a vibrancy and texture that’s simply impossible otherwise.

Kynar 500® Coatings Go Green

Just like your local and friendly Green Knight Metal Roofing company, the manufacturers of Kynar coatings care about the environment and the power of reflecting and cooling against the heat of the sun. Buildings and homes painted with Kynar resins drastically reduce their carbon footprints, keeping upstairs and interiors cooler for longer.

These days, energy codes are no joke. Builders and homeowners alike see the affordability and responsibility of a resin-based coating. With Kynar-based resins preserving your metal roofing, you’ll benefit financially, aesthetically, and environmentally, all at once! All the color of your roofing will be retained for decades, as it shields itself against UV rays, the Texas winter and summer.


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