Aluminum Shingles

When you live in Texas for any duration of time, you come to be familiar with a succession of rapid changes in weather not just daily, but by the hour: You can be sitting on your back porch basking in the cooler rays of the morning sun before work, running to your office under a torrential downpour a few hours later, baking in one-hundred-plus degree temperatures on the drive home, and then huddled in your bed trying not to jump at thunder and lightning before dinnertime. With such drastic fluctuations in temperature and weather, your Central Texas property can suffer daily damage.

If you live in Austin or any other counties like Bastrop County, TX, Williamson County, TX, Comal County, TX, Hays County, TX, Travis County, TX (and nearby), and are tired of having to make repairs to your roof, give Green Knight Metal Roofing a call today to see if aluminum shingles are the right solution for your home. Aluminum shingles are just one of the many weather-resistant roofing products with which Green Knight Metal Roofing can outfit your home, barn or business.

Protect Your Texas Home with Aluminum Shingles

Aluminum shingles prevent erosion of your roof. Not only are they fire-resistant and wind-resistant (many options offer protection against winds of up to 120 MPH), but aluminum shingles are relatively maintenance-free. They can be individually replaced for minimal upkeep costs over time. An aluminum roof from Austin based Green Knight is strong enough to repel the elements that Central Texas skies bombard residents with each day, and remain just as sheltering and beautiful as the day we installed it, even years later.

Save on Bills While Saving the Environment With Aluminum Shingles

Green Knight roofs are extremely environmentally friendly, because they are mostly made from recycled materials. They are also energy saving, because they keep your home cooler in the summer by reflecting Texas’ intense UV Rays. Not only will your utility costs go down in with aluminum shingles on your roof, but you will be preventing the need for a costly roof replacement later.

Temporary solutions like typical asphalt shingles are not as efficient as aluminum shingles because they need to be replaced every 10 to 12 years; simply put, they leave a lasting impact on the environment for a very short-term remedy to your roofing problem. Metal roofing can be placed over your original roof, so that you won’t have to pay for removal and disposal costs that only add to landfill waste.

Aluminum Shingle Roof Installation With Green Knight Metal Roofing

We employ a full team of supervisors and metal roofing installers, unlike other roofing companies that hire subcontractors; this cuts out the middle-man and provides you with a better product at a lower cost. Aluminum shingle and other styles of metal roof installations require specialized skills and years of training and experience. Our entire staff at Green Knight Metal Roofing undergoes extensive training to be able to guide you through the process step by step, and we have had over ten years working with other locals to perfect the art of metal roofing and installation.

We are proud to provide environmentally friendly, sustainable, protective aluminum shingle roofs to Austin, TX, and other Central Texas residents, because we know that they keep our customers safe while contributing to an overall better community environment.

Contact Green Knight Metal Roofing as soon as possible to learn more about our metal roofing options. We promise to uphold our corporate values of Honesty, Honor, and Integrity by arriving in uniform on time, cleaning up daily, respecting your property and neighbors (by not playing loud music on site or showing up with a bad attitude and shoddy attire), and performing at our best until the very end of the job’s clean up.

Why Choose Green Knight?

Remember that we serve areas near Austin, TX, including:

  • Bastrop County, TX
  • Comal County, TX
  • Williamson County, TX
  • Hays County, TX
  • Travis County, TX

Green Knight Metal Roofing provides durable, eco-friendly metal roofing to Central Texas homeowners. Our products span a number of different roofing styles and finishes, and are made from different materials to better suit your house’s appearance and needs. From snap locked standing seam roofing to oxford and rustic shingles, Green Knight Metal Roofing has the custom metal roofing you need to protect your family and last the duration of your home’s life.