A Hail Storm Just Blew Through Our Area

While hail storms are fairly common in Central Texas, what is not uncommon is the amount of roofing contractors circling in to take advantage of the situation. Commonly called “Storm Chasers,” they come in from out-of-state to knock on doors in the affected areas and attempt to sell homeowners on using their services to get insurance companies to quickly replace the roof, siding, gutters, etc. Then they are gone, chasing the next storm. While not all storm chasers are disreputable, it does make sense to exercise caution.

“Free Inspections” are commonly offered by reputable roofing contractors. However, fraudulent storm chasers may try to convince you of damage that is not there or, worse yet, create their own damage. High pressure sales techniques are also common. Remember, you do not need to make a decision on a roofing contractor right away. Take your time, contact your insurance company, schedule an inspection with your adjuster, then interview roofing contractors. Reputable contractors are experienced in working with insurance companies and will have no problem discussing your claim, with your permission, with your adjuster. Additionally, storm chasers who are “here today, gone tomorrow” may not be able to honor any warranties they promise you. If the company is based in Colorado, for example, how will they fix a leak in your roof that you discover six months from now? Working with a local, well-established roofing contractor just makes sense.

“Licensed and Bonded”

A common misconception is that the contractor you hire should be “Licensed and Bonded.” Just a bit of information regarding roofers in Texas. Licensing is not required by the State of Texas, which is why it is so easy for out-of-state contractors to chase storms here. However, there is a professional organization called the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) that allows its members to go through an educational program and meet ongoing continuing education requirements. Through that program, the roofer can be “licensed,” but the license is offered by RCAT, not the State of Texas. You can find a list of RCAT licensed contractors here:  http://roofingcontractors-texas.com/.

Bonding is typically required by the municipality or for larger commercial projects. If the municipality does not require bonding (most don’t), then a bond would not be required to be purchased. So, you are looking for a contractor who is “bondable.” This means their insurance company has underwritten them for financial strength and has pre-approved them to purchase bonds for jobs where they are required.

As a consumer, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is to ask to see a current Certificate of Insurance. Additionally, you may ask if the roofer has Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Again, Texas doesn’t actually require roofers to maintain Workers’ Comp. But, it is quite expensive, so if the roofer has it, that typically means they are more well-established and can afford the premiums.

The next question is, if your insurance has approved a claim and you will be receiving funds for a new roof, should you replace your existing asphalt shingle roof with another asphalt shingle roof? While this is the option that will minimize your out-of-pocket cost since you will most likely only be responsible for your deductible, it is also the option that will most likely cause you to go through this experience all over again the next time there is a hail storm. Consider taking this opportunity to upgrade to a beautiful new metal roof. While metal roofing is generally more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof in the short run, in the long run, it could be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Metal roofing is energy-efficient, saving most homeowners 20 – 30% (or more!) on their cooling bills due to the fantastic solar reflectivity of metal. Additionally, metal roofing is made from some degree of recycled material and is completely recyclable at the end of its useful life. But this is the best part; metal roofing can last for 50 years or more.

All metal roofs offered by Green Knight® Metal Roofing are Class IV Rated for impact resistance, which is the highest rating possible. Hail stones will not penetrate a Class IV rated roof. Additionally, Remodelers Magazine indicates that a high-end roof replacement can add up to 60%+ of the cost of the roof to the value of your home. So, when you put it all together, metal roofs save energy dollars, add value to your home, and prevent you from having to pay your deductible for a new roof every time there is a hail storm. As you can see, metal roofing can be a tremendous investment, reducing future expenses and headaches. Oh, did we mention they are beautiful? Modern Metal Roofing is not all just straight lines of silver panels. Standing Seam Metal Roofs come in myriad colors and artisan prints. We have over 100 different colors and patterns to choose from. We guarantee we can find a beautiful choice for your home. Like the look of asphalt shingles? We’ve got metal roofing that exactly replicates that appearance. Side by side, you would not be able to tell the difference. We’ve also got metal tiles that look like Spanish Tile, Wood Shake, Slate, and more!

If you are considering a metal roof, please consider Green Knight® Metal Roofing. We are metal roofing specialists! We feel so strongly about the benefits of metal roofing that we will not install any other type of roof on a residence. Our team has installed millions of square feet of metal roofing in Central Texas for thousands of satisfied customers. So many people have chosen Green Knight®, as a matter of fact, that we are #9 on the Austin Business Journal’s list for the fastest growing companies in Austin, and we are #77 on the Inc. 5000 list for the fastest growing companies in Texas. Why? Because we care about what we do, we take excellent care of our clients, and our team is the best! Oh, and because we know you will ask, we are licensed by RCAT, we are bondable, we do have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and we are really nice people!

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