3 Trends in Metal Roofing Carrying Into 2019

Last year was stellar for the metal roofing industry. The economy was booming, as was the housing market. Homeowners, just like you, were willing to invest in high-quality, durable products. Unfortunately, destructive natural disasters including powerful hurricanes, raging wildfires, devastating hail, and thunderstorms forced North American property owners to take improved precautionary measures to protect their homes against the extreme elements that are all-too-common nowadays.

Metal roofing took center stage for homeowners across the U.S. and Canada for its ability to withstand severe weather conditions, and it’s unsurpassable long-term performance. Additional factors that contribute to the popularity and excellence of metal roofing also include the following:

    • Here Comes The Sun

      The significant rise in residential solar systems being built contributes greatly to the increase of metal roofing on homes. The material’s strength and sun-reflecting power also helps reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays.

    • Long-Term Investment

      Metal roofing is the ultimate platform designed to protect and preserve an owner’s long-term home investment and has helped skyrocket this type of roofing’s high demand.

  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

    Many homeowners, such as yourself, love the fact that metal roofing reduces the negative impact on Mother Earth’s precious natural resources through its longevity and recyclability. This makes it an environmentally and socially responsible option in roof protection.

Green Knight Metal Roofing, offering residential metal roofing in Hays County, TX, knows that your roof is one of the most significant investments that you will make in your home, so it’s best to trust the experts. Custom metal roofing and metal roof installation in Hays County, TX, is an asset that will provide the life-long protection for your home that only Green Knight can deliver.

We only use quality-crafted metal for our roofs and provide countless benefits to homeowners, including energy savings, fire resistance, hail resistance, environmentally friendly perks by using recycled materials, and indestructibility. In addition to pleasing aesthetics, maintenance-free care, metal roofing owners will potentially incur lower insurance costs and a solid return-on-investment as it typically increases the value of your home.

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